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Questions For a home inspector

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Asking your home inspector simple questions might just reveal a few scary truths. Having your home inspected can be the best, or the worst investment you'll make in your new home purchase. Have a little fun with your inspector and ask him three surprise questions.

  1. What are you testing when turning on the appliances? - The answer shouldn't be "to see if it works."
  2. What are you looking at in the crawlspace? - The answer shouldn't be "everything."
  3. Can you really inspect the roof from the edge? - of course they can't.

The third question will only be answered if you're there to verify they didn't place a ladder against the house, look and step down. The latest trend is to "inspect" it while they pull up to the house. Don't be fooled. Hire a Certified Professional Inspector from Careful Inspect and save yourself a repair bill. Serving Anaheim and Orange County.